Recording Studios

There are five control rooms and three recording studios, all of which are solely for use by HE students studying on the B.Sc. (Hons) Sound and Music Technology, and each system and control room are purposefully of a very similar specification. This is to ensure that students can become proficient using an industry standard and extremely high specification recording system and quickly become confident to utilise our numerous recording spaces the acoustic characteristics they offer.
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Control Room 1, Middlesbrough College - Avid S6 M10

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Control Room 7, Middlesbrough College - Slate Raven MTi2

All studios are specified as follows:

Remotely housed Apple MacPro 3.7 GHz “Trashcan”
Sonnet xMacPro Server Mount
SSD system drive
Dual Apple Cinema Displays
Pro Tools keyboard (indicating key commands)
RSI Reducing Trackball mouse
Pro Tools HDX - 24 simultaneous inputs and outputs, 96 tracks @ 96 kHz
Blackmagic Decklink SDI 4k video card
Avid S6 M-10 Control Surface / C|24 Ethernet Control Surface
Genelec monitoring (2.0 / 5.1 configuration) / PMC two.two6 monitoring (2.0 configuration)
Audient ASP800 (16 channels)
Focusrite Octopre (8 channels)
SPL Channel 1 (Vocal Pre-amplifier)

Features specific to certain studios:

Control Room 1:
Avid S6 M-10 24 channel control surface with Process and Knob Modules per channel
5.1 Genelec monitoring system
PMC twotwo.6 monitoring (stereo)
52” LCD TV - Mac output / Pro Tools video output / External input

Control Room 6:
Avid S6 M-10 16 channel control surface with Process and Knob Modules per channel

Control Room 7:
Genlec 8020 5.1 Surround Sound Monitoring
Slate Raven MTi2 (in place of C|24)

Studio Network Solutions “EVO”

Storage in the recording studios is provided by a Studio Network Solutions “EVO” system. This is a 32TB hardware RAID media grade storage system which allows us to provide each student with 30GB of storage. This storage space is available anywhere on the studio network, which means that it is not necessary to transfer projects between studios as they are always available from any control room you wish to use.

This storage is fast enough to work from, and so is used for all recording and playback tasks as well as providing access to lesson materials and sample material for mixing practice.

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Software specification:

Each studio is specified as follows:

Avid Pro Tools HD
Apple Logic
Propellerhead Reason
Cycling74 MAX
Ableton Live Suite

Plugin specification:

Each studio is specified as follows:

McDSP "Everything" Pack
Sonnox “Everything” Bundle
Slate Digital "Everything" Bundle
Slate Drums Trigger Platinum
Soundtoys "Everything" Bundle
Native Instruments Komplete
Synchroarts VocALign Project
Drumagog 5 Pro
iZotope Ozone Advanced

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