Audio & MIDI Programming Suites

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3 audio & MIDI programming suites are available to B.Sc. Music Technology students, two of which are PC based, the third Mac based.

The majority of lectures take place in these three rooms, and they are available on an open access basis at all other times up until 8.30pm. Each PC-based workstation offers a highly specified all-in-one PC, an Audient iD14 audio interface and an Novation Launchkey 49 controller keyboard.
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Each Mac-based workstation (pictured right) offers an Apple iMac with Intel i3 processor, an Audient iD14 audio interface, an Ableton Push and a Novation Keystation controller keyboard.

Each room boasts 21 identically specified student workstations so space is not an issue, and every student has an identical hands on experience.
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Audient iD14 Audio Interface

Each workstation offers the following software:

Avid Pro Tools
Avid Sibelius
Propellerhead Reason
Ableton Live Suite
Cycling74 MAX+Jitter
Cycling74 MAX For Live
Adobe CC

McDSP Everything Pack
Sonnox “Everything” Bundle
Slate Digital Everything Bundle

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