Year 1

Audio and MIDI Sequencing

Practical tasks and hands-on lectures guide students through the process of learning to record, create, edit, and mix, delving into some theory. The main software used in this module is Avid Pro Tools. A portfolio of realistic example work is created as students learn to use a DAW from the ground up, and develop the skills necessary when practicing in most aspects of the music industry.

Assessment is based on a portfolio of creative music lab exercises and a corrective music production assignment.

Critical Listening

There is a fundamental connection between listening to, and critically analysing, music and sound, and the quality of audio produced. In this module, you will be introduced to the perception and critical evaluation of sound quality and practical listening skills.

You are assessed via a Personal Listening Practice Essay and Sound Portfolio (in which you will use a variety of methods to compose around a given theme).

Music Production

This module explores a wide range of compositional and production techniques which are made possible by harnessing the vast array of creative options offered by audio/MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) sequencers.

You are assessed via a Creative Audio Production (creating sounds for a sound library) and a Music Production Brief (producing a piece of music for a creative industry brief).

Music Theory and Composition

In this module you will achieve an appropriate level of understanding of music theory for careers in audio and music production, and to facilitate musical communication during the composition and production process.

You are assessed via a Music Theory Exam (sat in class), plus an Original Composition with Commentary

Popular Music Cultures

This module is primarily focussed on the development of written/verbal communication skills, which are explored via discussion/exploration of popular music culture.

You are assessed through a 10-minute Presentation and Essay in which you will explore the relationship between music, technology, and popular culture.

Recording Studio Practice

This module provides you with the opportunity to develop the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding to accurately capture acoustic and electroacoustic instruments (voice, drums, guitars, etc.) in professional, state of the art recording studio facilities.

You are assessed via a portfolio in which you will evidence you work completed both inside of class and any external recording work you have completed during the year.